Dunlod 2011

The first Indo-International Culture School was established in 1996 with 50 female and minority children (formerly called untouchables) in a one-room school-house.

In 2013, the school has grown to 20 rooms with a high school (nursery to 12th grade) providing education to more than 630 impoverished children of Dundlod. 

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Amidst the ruins of the tragic earthquake of 2001, the second Indo-International School was established with 10 rooms for 205 displaced and impoverished children of Kuran, Gujarat.

In 2013, the elementary school has grown to the 12th grade with an enrollment of more than 355 students covering the majority of the children population who live in Kuran.

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The third Indo-International Culture School was established in 2004 with 14 underprivileged children in the village of Mahapura, Rajasthan.

In 2013, there are more than 200 children of all castes in classes ranging from nursery to the 9th grade.

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To mitigate suffering for the socially and economically disadvantaged within the US and abroad; to provide educational funding to promote literacy among children and adults throughout the world; to assist the cultural community within US and abroad by providing funding relating to artistic education.

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