In 2004, the Ninash Foundation, in cooperation with notable artist Pushpendra Singh, established the Indo-International Culture School in Mahapura. The mission of the school is to provide educational and vocational training to the children of the village, while preserving India's cultural heritage. This heritage is largely reflected in the glass paintings in India's ancient forts, palaces and monuments.


Building the Indo-International Culture School (2004-06)
The Ninash Foundation provided financial help to build the Indo-International Culture School for the underprivileged children of the village of Mahapura. The land was provided by Mr. Pushpendra Singh and his family.

2004 2014


The school began with 14 children in a one-story school building on a dirt lot, but with the dedication and hard work of volunteers, the Mahapura Culture School began to flourish. Led by Dr. Ashok Kumar Malhotra and Linda Drake, the students of the SUNY Oneonta Learn and Serve in India program volunteered their efforts to help raise funds to build more rooms and buy classroom supplies for the children.


A family operated school with the Singh Family: Mahavir and Rashmi Singh, Yatan and Push Singh, Kiwi and Krishna Singh





2006 2008

In 2007, the school added three more rooms. The enrollment increased to 150 children.  Through the leadership of Pushpendra Singh and his family, Ashok Malhotra and Linda Drake along with the efforts of many supporters and donors, the Mahapura Culture School has begun to extend and thrive. The children receive books, supplies, uniforms and other resources necessary for their success.

Addition of High School Building (2009-10)
The Ninash Foundation, in cooperation with Pushpendra Singh, expanded the school house by adding a second story thus doubling its size. This addition will be used for higher classes up to the 12th grade.


 Computer Center and Library (2008-09)
A state of the art library equipped with a few thousand books and half a dozen computers was opened in memory of John Thomas Koller and was inaugurated by John Koller and Mimi Forman.

Thanks to the children and teachers of the Gavilan Peak School (Arizona), Oneonta School District and Cooperstown Elementary School (New York) as well as the generous donations of John Koller and Mimi Forman, the Mahapura Culture School now boasts the John Thomas Koller library, computer center and a spectacular artisan wing. The school has been able to get a new school bus, allowing children living further away to attend.

The Mahapura Culture School currently enrolls 200 eager students. They enjoy the artistically decorated classrooms and are educated by enthusiastic and qualified teachers.

Eco-Garden (2010)
The teachers and children of the Mahapura School created an eco-garden where vegetables are grown organically and shared by them.

Memorial Garden for Dr. Douglas Shrader (2011)
A memorial garden was dedicated to Dr. Douglas Shrader, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy, who had contributed to the Ninash Foundation's Literacy Project by being the voice over for the video tapes shown globally.

 New Toilet Facilities (2010-11):
New Western Style Toilets were created for the use of the school staff and visitors!

 Two new art teachers were hired through the generous sponsorship of  Mark and Kim McKinney  (2010-11).

New Artisans Wing (2007-08)
Through the generous donations of John Koller and Mimi Forman, the Mahapura Culture School opened a new Artisan Wing to display stained glass art created by Pushpendra Singh and other art teachers of the school. The John Koller and Mimi Forman Artisan Wing will also be used to demonstrate the intricacies of creating stained glass art work. The Artisan Wing will be open to the local community.

John Koller and Mimi Forman Artisan Wing


August 2011


Dr. John Young (Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, Oregon State University, US)  Dr. Jean Fang (Retired Professor of Foreign Languages, Oregon State University, USA) and Dr. Kevin Brien {Philosophy Department, Washington College, Maryland, USA visited the school.

In 2013, there are more than 200 children of all castes in classes ranging from nursery to the 9th grade.
Global Educational Exchange
Through the Indo-International Schools project, the Ninash Foundation has committed to improving the lives of children and promoting literacy throughout the world. The Mahapura Culture School is only one of the five schools built as part of the Indo-International Schools project. Each school plays a crucial role in transforming the lives of its students and their communities by opening doors to global education exchange.
How Can You Help!
$200 will support a child.
You can help the 50 million underprivileged children of India by supporting the drive to raise funds for the schools built by the Ninash Foundation. The schools require constant support for teachers and children. The Ninash Foundation's program aims to build new schools as often as possible to alleviate poverty and promote literacy throughout India and the world. Your tax-deductible contribution to the Ninash Foundation, a 501©(3) charitable organization, will directly support the project. A donation of $8000-10,000 will build a classroom in a school, and $200 will support a child through an entire year of education; any amount will help provide supplies and pay a teacher's salary. As the individuals in the SUNY Oneonta Learn and Serve in India program have shown, you can make a difference.




Principal Push
Push's stained glass work in Amber Palace, Jaipur
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