Bertil Gejrot Memorial Poetry Library (2013--2014)
The Indo-International Schools created a new poetry library in memory of Bertil Gejrot with contributions by his family and friends. The library contains poetry books in Hindi, Rajasthani and English. A mobile library makes these books available in each class room so that they are available for all the children. At the start of the school day each teacher reads a short poem appropriate to the class, which is then discussed before students write their own poems. Prizes are given annually for the best student poems.

Bertil Gejrot

East-West Friendship Garden and a New Playground (Dundlod--2013) A playground for the children is being built. A piece of land in the back of the school that is not being utilized for any productive purpose is to be used for creating such a playground or park to serve as a recreation place for the children, teachers and local community. To build the playground and the garden, funding is being provided by the Ninash Foundation.

A Water Filtration Plant (Village of Kuran—2013/2014)
A Water Filtration Plant is proposed for the Village of Kuran to cater to the needs of 1200 people. Funding will come from the Ninash Foundation and local businesses of Oneonta.

Jack Finestone Music Room for Indo-International School (Dundlod--2011)
To provide music education to children of the Indo-International Schools, Ninash is providing funds to build the Jack Finestone Music Room in his memory. Jack Finestone was a pianist and music teacher, who taught music at the Christopher Columbus High School in the Bronx, New York for more than 35 years. He was a supporter of the Ninash Foundation till his death in 1999. The room will be equipped with a variety of musical instruments and a music teacher is being hired through the generous support of Raj and Christina Malhotra (USA).

Hari Chand Chopra Culture Room for Indo-International School (Dundlod--2011)
To provide cultural education through folk tales and epic stories of India and other countries to children of the Indo-International School, Ninash is providing funds to build the Hari Chand Chopra Culture Room in his memory. Hari Chand Chopra was a great story teller with a stock of more than 300 tales from all over the world. Through the stories, he educated his 11 grand children, including Ashok Malhotra, into the culture of India. The room will be equipped with a variety of books and videos including the epics of India and the West, Arabian Nights, Panchtantra Tales, Jataka Tales and Aesop's Fables.



Teachers from the Indo-International School at Dundlod are extending their tutorial services to children of the brick makers, who do not have access to education.

Memorial Gardens for Dr. Douglas Shrader (2011)
Three memorial gardens are being established at the Indo-International Schools in Dundlod, Kuran and Mahapura to remember the contributions made by Dr. Douglas Shrader, SUNY Oneonta Distinguished Teaching Professor of Philosophy, who contributed “to promoting literacy” by being the voice over for Ninash Foundation videos shown globally.


Awards for Best Readers (2011)
Awards are set up for the best readers in each class in the three schools in Dundlod, Kuran and Mahapura. The student, who reads the largest number of books in the library from each class, will be given a cash award to buy books for personal use. Awards recognize and emphasize the importance of learning through books leading to asserting equality in the unequal society.

Bore Water Well for Indo-International School (2011)
As part of the sister cities project between Oneonta and Dundlod, the Empire Toyota of Oneonta, New York is teaming up with the Ninash Foundation to fund the project of digging a “Bore Well” to supply water to the 550 children and 30 staff members of the Indo-International School in Dundlod.

 Mobile Library in each Classroom (2011)
Each class room got a mobile library named in memory of Dr. Douglas Shrader, SUNY Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, who had contributed to the Ninash Foundation’s Literacy Project by being the voice over for the video tapes shown globally.



Christy Koller Library and Computer Center ( Kuran--2010)
With the generous financial contribution of Dr. John Koller and Dr. Mimi Forman, the school created a state-of-the-art Christy Koller Memorial library with six computers and a couple of thousand books. The Kuran School with a library equipped with computers and internet is the first of its kind in this remote area of Kutch, Gujarat.


Water Filtration Plant (2009-10)

A Water Filtration Plant was opened in 2010. It provides clean drinking water to 270 children who attend the school.



A New High School for Kuran (2012)
Grounds were broken for building a new high school with the state of art library and computer center. This school when completed by 2012 will be part of the Village Global Education Project. It will be first of its kind in this remote area of Kutchh, Gujarat.



*A new kitchen to be opened in 2011 to provide mid-day hot meals to 270 children five days a week.

 Indo-International Culture School (Mahapura)
* Vocation Classes to commence (2011)
Two new art teachers were hired through the generous sponsorship of Mark and Kim McKinney of USA (2010-11).


Vocational training classes to teach the art of stained glass windows will be taught.




New Toilet Facilities (2010-11):
New Western Style Toilets were created for the use of the school staff and visitors!

Eco-Garden (2010-11):
The teachers and children of the Mahapura School created an eco-garden where vegetables are grown organically and shared by them.

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