Those who have contributed $1500 or more to the cause of promoting literacy


  1. Dr. John Koller and Dr. Miriam Forman donated three libraries, art restoration wing and computer centers
  2. Frank Mulliez donates each year for the recurring expenses of the Dundlod schools
  3. Dr. Ashok Malhotra donates each year for the recurring expenses
  4. Criag and Sue Van Cott donated three rooms for the Science Wing at the Dundlod School
  5. Alexander MacIntyre Foundation donates each year for expenses
  6. Dr. John Young donated for recurring expenses
  7. Dr. Douglas Kinney donated towards the recurring expenses of the Dundlod school
  8. The Watumull Foundation donates towards the trust fund
  9. Dominic Twose donated toward new computers
  10. Rabbi Soetendorp donated for recurring expenses
  11. Raj and Christina Malhotra donate for a music teacher's salary and the cost of internet
  12. Mark and Kim Kinney donate for an art teacher's salary
  13. Empire Toyota of Oneonta New York donated funds to build a water well in Dundlod School, Rajasthan
  14. Dr. Kevin Brien donated toward the water purification project
  15. Elementary Schools from the USA donate through fund raising on a regular basis:

    A .Oneonta Riverside Elementary School, New York
    B. Oneonta Greater Plains Elementary School, New York
    C. Oneonta Valley View Elementary School, New York
    D. Oneonta Center Street Elementary School, New York
    E. Cooperstown Elementary School, New York
    F. Gavelin Peak School, Arizona





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