Bertil Gejrot Memorial Poetry Library 

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Bertil Gejrot Memorial Poetry Library made possible by contributions from the family and friends of Bertil Gejrot. Bertil was a Swedish teacher and writer with a deep understanding of and great passion for poetry. When ways of remembering him were discussed at his funeral it became clear that establishing a poetry library in his name would be a way of celebrating Bertil’s love of poetry, his delight in children, and his life-long commitment to learning and teaching. We hope that this library will open the minds and hearts of the children in the Ninash Foundation Indo-international Schools in India to the beauty of poetry. From the time of the verses of the Rig Veda, more than three thousand years ago, to the great epic, the Ramayana, whose verses have been sung and recited for more than two thousand years, to the Nobel-winning poems of Rabindranath Tagore, poetry has always been foundational to Indian culture. Now, thanks to Bertil Gejrot Memorial Poetry Library, the children in the IIS schools will be able to participate in the great poetic traditions of India and the world.
The library contains English, Indian English, American English and Swedish poetry as well as Hindi, Gujarati, and Rajasthani poetry, along with guides to reading, understanding and writing poetry. The library has mobile components so that poetry books are put in each classroom on a rotating basis. Typically, a poem is read in the morning at the school assembly. In addition, in each classroom, a teacher reads a poem appropriate to the class which the students then discuss. Students are encouraged to write their own poems and prizes  are  given annually for the best poems. 

To contribute to the Bertil Gejrot Memorial Library, you may click on the DONATE button, and use PayPal, or you may make a check out to the Ninash Foundation and send it to 17 Center Street, Oneonta, NY. Your generous support will be greatly appreciated by the children, will enhance their education, and improve the quality of their lives. THANK YOU!

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